Managing your own hosting server might not be very easy and in some cases it could be extremely annoying, specially if you do not have a lot of experience and you are not absolutely sure how to proceed in certain scenarios. The hosting machine has its own Operating System and processes running on it, which means that you may have to handle challenges that you have not encountered with a standard shared hosting plan where the company takes care of the hosting machine maintenance while you deal with just your web content by using a hosting Cp. If some service stops responding, for instance, or some process start overloading the server, you'll have to take measures to restore the proper functioning of the server. In case you haven't dealt with this type of situations in the past, you could use the Monitoring & Rebooting function, that is an element of our optional Managed Services upgrade pack.
Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS Servers
In the event that you add the Managed Services upgrade to any one of the VPS server services we supply and so long as it is active for your account, our system administrators shall keep track of your hosting machine constantly. Numerous automatic checks tracking different system processes shallbe added, therefore in case any issue shows up, our well-trained staff is going to be notified right away and will work on your hosting server until the issue is sorted out. If for some reason the virtual server runs out of memory or some process freezes, they will check what caused the issue and shall then restart the hosting machine to restore all system processes and the proper functioning of any internet site or offline application which you have on the hosting server. With this service you'll not have to keep an eye on your Virtual private server all the time or pay for pricey third-party services from other organizations that can inform you about an issue, but cannot resolve it.
Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers
It will take you a few clicks to include the Managed Services package to the dedicated server plan which you have chosen and our seasoned team of administrators will start monitoring the server closely to ensure that it is working correctly all of the time. Numerous automated checks shall also be added, so they'll be aware of any problem the second it appears. High Processor load, an app using an excessive amount memory or a system process that has stopped responding are only a few illustrations of the issues which we can keep an eye for and deal with once the basis for their appearance is determined. When necessary, the dedicated hosting machine shall also be rebooted, so you will not have to do anything whatsoever on your end. With this service you'll not have to pay to third-party monitoring organizations which can just notify you if anything goes wrong but do not have the access to fix an issue.